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Saturday, December 29, 2018

6 Physical Features Girls CAN'T Resist In Guys


01. Man's chest

  • See a man's chest just make them look broad makes them look more masculine makes them overall look like an alpha male.
  • There is actually this phenomenon. Where I'm sure it's happened to you.
  • everytime a man enters a room with whether there's other man automatically your chest pops out. 
  • This is subconsciously and probably biologically yo make yourself appear bigger  more masculine and more dominant. 
  • That's why women love it so how do you enhance that by wearing clothes that fit well and show it off like look sexy.

02. A man's smile

  •  Something that's just genuine and warm women will melt for because it'll show the you look down-to-earth guy and you are a fun guy to be around but to get a good smile not only do you need to know how to smile properly. 
  • make sure that your care is on point going to the dentist every six months that's non-negotiable because you need to remove the plaque to make sure your teeth are always right also make sure you're brushing your your teeth and flossing them every day.
  • A white smile women will melt every single time.

03. A man's arm

  • And that's the full bicep,tricep and forearm. One of the sexist things a man has now of course the best way to enhance this by going to the gym.
  • you obviously want your arms to look vascular muscular and have some sort of definition it's just gonna increase your attractiveness.
  • But if you're working towards that or even if you do have that and want to Hance it even more the best way to do that it's with jewellery.
  • What basically happening is you're shortening the visual length of your arm you're basically cutting it you're adding an interruption.
  • What then happens  is it makes your arm look thicker, fuller more muscular therefor more manly.
  • guess what women cant resist them that's on top of the added benefit of the style points that a piece of jewellery gives you so not only are you looking more stylish than the other guys you're looking more mustang right she's gonna melt for that.

04. A man's back

  • Is's kind of like that silverback action like your're a gorilla you're a king of the jungle this one of course clothing can enhance and make look better but the top and the best way to build this up will have to be by hitting the gym.
  • Because the goal is to have a wide back that gives you that finishes v-shape that all men want and women can't can't resist and one of the best exercises to achieve that v-shape is 100% the Pull-up. 

05. Man's butt

  • Most men don't think about a man's butt.and no you doesn't have to be super big like Kim Kardashain but instead something that's athletic something that's well-built.
  • because it's just part of a proportionate man and when your rear end can actually fill in those pants especially sweatpants i'm telling you it's you're thirst-trapping--them at this point it's almost as if you were to see your girl yoga pant it's that strong.

06. Man's lip

  • Don't overlook your lips that's not a feminine feature to do so and no you don't have to keep it super pump or do some crazy treatment.
  • Just want to up keep them make sure they're not chapped or dried out make sure you're always using chapstick so they're moisturized and lubricated.
  • But more importantly if you have a lot of dead skin or your lips feel like sandpaper especially now that it's cold and it's winter outside a trick you can do is using a sugar scrub to remove and exfoliate your lips to make sure that they're always soft doing.
  • that will set you Lee's apart from the other guys.
                             Written by - Ashfaq Zahid.
                                                               Tips and tricks - Jose Zunigas.

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