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Wednesday, May 22, 2019

5 Most Useless Degrees You Must Need To Know !

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05. Culinary arts

  • Recently in the culinary arts tuition have been increasing disproportionately to earnings. Making this degree a steep hill to climb. Additionally restaurants are hiring chefs with on-the-job experience only. Graduates are only earning 2 to 11 percent more than chefs with practical experience. Meaning that this degree offers little return on investment. The payoff is just no longer there in some markets. There are even waiters and waitresses working thier way up. The restaurant system  into menu making and planning the commodity is on-the-job experience and raw talent. 
04. Fashion designer 

  • One of the complications with the fashion design degree is the market is flooded and competition is tough some factors which go into a fashion degree are considered unteachable. Such as creativity and an eye for design, and because of this many designers gain notoriety using networking skills and having a robust portfolio. The emphasis is on having a discerning eye for design. Design houses are able to employ those who they see have a knack for design.

03. Art History 

  • Art history studies these days are considered more or less redundant. There's a reduced demand in the feild and often an investment in formal schooling does not pay off the total tuition sits at around $50,000 and the entry into feilds of work using art history degree is pretty narrow. The opportunities are limited to academic and curatorial roles with little room for climbing the ranks in the history.  Even the gifted artist Salvador Dali was a dropout. He temporarily suspended attending classes and throughout his social network received a better job in a gallery as an artist. The truth about the art world is that it relies more heavily on creativity and networking and less on a formal education. 
02. Studio arts or fine art

  • This is the ambiguous territory of creativity again. Common sense dictates that creativity simply is something that cannot be taught it must be discovered. You're going to spend $50,000 and 4 years basically doing projects you could do on your own for smaller budget afterwards you emerge with a BA with no particular guarantee of employment or purchases if your art. The art world is highly subjective and the market functions on trends and tastes. A student can prepare themselves with a degree.  But with no networking will have no idea of what the current market is seeking the stereotype of the struggling artist exists for a reason many will fail to make their big breakthrough.  And those that do tend to rely on their innate talent. Rather than formal schooling. 
01. Anthropology and archaeology

  • This feild is simply oversaturated with candidates. Anthropology and archaeology appeals to many students perhaps too many.  They are interested in studies which have been made famous by the likes of Indiana Jones but they are not in demand.  Given the amount of work that's already being done in these fields. There's not going to be much. That's new so there's a little room to make a splash.

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